Clarity refers to
the purity of a diamond.

The clarity scale is divided into six clarity grades, the last four of which are further subdivided giving a total of eleven grades. The scale ranges from flawless (no visible inclusions under 10x magnification) to I3 (very easily visible inclusions).

Natural diamonds are only extremely rarely free of inclusions, which are visible in the form of black or white dots in the stone. This is due to the enormous temperature and pressure conditions that prevail during the formation of diamonds which can result in the occurrence of impurities or air bubbles in the stone.

What sounds impure is an important distinguishing criterion for diamond lovers and gemstone experts. Not only do the individual inclusions make each diamond unique but they are also a sign of the magical creative power of nature and offer gemstone experts the possibility to distinguish between natural diamonds and their synthetic counterparts.

The grading process takes into account factors such as the position, number and characteristics of the inclusions. This can result in significant differences in value from diamond to diamond.