Milestones of History of Heinz Mayer and its owning family

The agate cutter Johannes Becker starts a family tradition, until today, in the gemstone and jewellery business. The owners of Heinz Mayer today, Frank and Stefan Mayer, are the 16th generation.
The gem-mines of Idar-Oberstein are exploited, due to that, the brothers of the grandfather are moving to Brazil from where they supply their relatives with rough stones. Until today, strong family ties are maintained with Brazil.
The Bohemian garnet cutter Gustav Postler is the first to teach lapidaries in Idar-Oberstein to cut on horizontal labs. Amongst the first class of students is the grand grandfather of today’s company owners Frank and Stefan Mayer.
The grandfather of today´s owners, Philipp Becker, get his license as master- cutter and lapidary. He is amongst the first protagonists of today´s popular buff-top cut.
Philipp Becker, the grandfather of today’s owners, is one of the founders of the world renown “German Museum of Minerals” in Idar-Oberstein. He was honoured for this milestone in the history of the German jewellery centre Idar-Oberstein with the Federal Cross of Merit by the Federal Republic of Germany. One of the central squares in the German city of jewellery and gem stones is named in his honour.  At the same time, he is working for the Green Vaults of Dresden and the Vatican.
After the end of WWII, the diamond and gemstone-cutter Heinz Mayer starts up his own company. One of his first customers, Harry Winston from New York, is one of the largest diamond-cutters and most respected jewellers in the US.
after 1945
Political and social factors after the war lead to the disappearance of the diamond-cutting industry in Idar-Oberstein.
Therefore, Heinz Mayer concentrates more and more on the production of jewellery with diamonds and coloured stones.
In the mid 60´s Heinz Mayer opens its first buying office in Antwerp and the company is expanding rapidly.
The strong concentration on rings earn him the nickname “the Ring Expert”.
Construction of a new, high end diamond line bracelet under the protected trademark of „Rolling Diamonds ® “. These bracelets are the result of a long-lasting development process, to elevate the classic „Tennis Bracelet“ to a new level, and to transfer its old-fashioned mechanics into a higher quality and up to date alternative. The patented bracelets are hinged, totally hand-crafted pieces, all made in Germany, a true pinnacle of German Craftsmanship. It takes a German master goldsmith a full week just to assemble a single bracelet.
Since the „Rolling Diamonds ®“ bracelets were launched, Heinz Mayer is identified with German Engineering and became popular for „Engineered Jewellery”.
Later, Heinz Mayer developed also engineered “Rolling Diamonds ®” necklaces, which are the only available line necklaces, which never tilt.
Heinz Mayer is in contact with Wolfgang Joop. Through the co-operation, Heinz Mayer and Wolfgang Joop, a German fashion designer, establish the first fashion brand name jewellery line in the European market.
First German jewellery manufacturer on the front page of the Christmas Catalogue of Sak’s 5th Avenue in New York
The Heinz Mayer company celebrates its 50th anniversary. Stefan Mayer is invited by the Gemmological Institute of America as a panellist to the GEM-Fest in Basel.
The Heinz Mayer company joins the DeBeers-campaign “Supplier Of Choice”.
To schedule the centenary of Rolls-Royce Motor-Cars, Heinz Mayer crafts a bespoke bracelet for this leading name in the world of luxury. It is the only, ever officially authorized piece of jewellery in the 100 years of history of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. Presentations take place in Goodwood, Tokyo, Long Island and in the Royal Palaces of Kuwait, in connection with the limited Centenary Phantom. Since 2006, the Rolls Royce Motor Cars Centenary Jewel is on display at the State Museum of Rhineland-Palatinate in Coblenz on Ehrenbreitstein Castle.

Another jeweller to a King of the European royalty has been added to the prestigious list of customers of Heinz Mayer OHG.

Stefan Mayer was invited by the Gemmological Institute of America to participate addicts San Diego’s symposium giving a speech on „ Gemstone Treatments: Friend or Foe?“.
It is a great honour for us and symbolises the appreciation of our company through one of the leading institutes in the world of gems and jewellery. This symposium taking place every 7-10 years was opened by no other keynote speaker but the honorary Ms. Madeleine Albright the former Minister of State of the United States of America.
Another milestone in the development of the company is the invitation of the German ambassador in Japan to present the Heinz Mayer OHG in his resident in Tokyo. The Japanese premium department store Takashimaya and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars invited the Japanese clientele to treasure the creations of our design-department.
Stefan Mayer is invited to the founding meeting of the GIA Global Leadership Symposium at Harvard Business School, as one of two European participants. Since this date, Stefan and Frank Mayer were invited almost every year to participate as one of two European participants at this “by invitation only” event, which is a great honour for the two brothers.
De Beers chooses Heinz Mayer as their official and exclusive partner of their most prestigious „Forevermark“ branded diamonds program for Germany and Austria. This high end and ethical diamonds brand is already being sold by more than 2.100 jewellers worldwide and is the most popular diamond brand in Asia, and also very popular in the USA. The German Première took place in November 2018. Heinz Mayer also offer access to the official and exclusive Red-Carpet Collection of Forevermark. These exquisite jewels are being worn by celebrities on events like the Oscars in Hollywood, the MTV Music Awards or the Golden Globes.
On the occasion of it’s centenary, Bentley Motors invites Heinz Mayer to start an exclusive and global co-operation to craft a fine Bentley Jewellery collection. The launch took place at the “Baselworld” Jewellery Exhibition in 2019. The Bentley Centenary Jewel, a spectacular natural fancy intense yellow diamond of over 20cts, was premiered at the Hong Kong Show 2019.
2011 – 2019
Heinz Mayer is being voted the “Diamond Jewellery Manufacturer of the year in Germany” in 2011, 2015 and 2019 by the German Trade Magazine “Diamantbericht”. It is the only competition, in which the German retail jewellers themselves and personally elect their favourite jewellery manufacturer.

Frank, Stefan and/ or the Heinz Mayer company are proud members of the following organisations:

  • Board Members of the German Association of the Diamond. and Precious Stones Industry.
  • Board Members of the German Diamond and Precious Stones Exchange
  • Members of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB)
  • Board Members of the German Gemmological Society and Institute (DGemG),
  • Member of the American Gem Society
  • Member and Alumni of the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA)
  • Member of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain
  • Member of the German Foundation of Gemstone Research
  • Member of the Foundation German Museum of Jewellery and Precious Stones
  • Member of the Platinum Guild International
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