Rolling Diamonds® Bracelets


The benchmark for all diamond line bracelets, patented , hinged and connected carefully solely by hand, each single diamond facetted, polished and set by hand in our factory.

“Champagne for your wrist”

Rolling Diamonds® Necklaces

Taylor made in the same patended, flexible technology like the bracelets, mountesd in several angles to follow the lines of the body oft he wearer.
– Truly bespoke –

Rolling Diamonds® Eternity Rings

A fine line of natural diamonds all around the finger, without beginning and ending, symbolizing eternal love and togetherness.

Diamond line bracelets in claw set/prong set

La Riviereet la reve, reflections from a diamond river to start dreaming…


The individual and unique, symbol of love, success and eternity, devotion and passion.
Adamos: The indomitable gave the name, love the brilliance

The tree of life

Diamond necklace in 950 Platinum with fine white diamonds symbolizing the eternal circle of life.

Diamond necklace

Natural Fancy Coloured diamond in champagne colour in a fine mounting in rose gold.

Variations of bracelets

The usage of jewellery dates back to the beginning of mankind. In the stone ages, necklaces and armpieces were common, not only to ennoble,
but also to protect the wearer against attacks. Since the middle ages, bracelets were almost exclusiveley worn by ladies.

Paraiba Turmaline

The new „king of fine gemstones”, ranging in colours from “neon green” to “ocean blue”.

Green Turmaline

According to the myth, Green Tourmaline brings joy of life and clarity.
It’s name roots in the Singalesian word “Turmali”, which means “diverse stone”.


In the medieval ages, this fine Pink Tourmaline variation was called ”Carbuncle”, which translates to “glowing stone”.

Paraiba Tourmaline of the 2nd generation from Africa

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