“Panta rei”- the old Greek saying, translates to “everything is in permanent motion”. In accordance with this philosophy, the Heinz Mayer collections are never static but are in a state of continual development to keep pace with modern tastes and maintain their lead in innovative designs.

For this and other reasons, the name of Heinz Mayer stands for the highest quality jewellery, manufactured exclusively in 18 KT gold and 950/- platinum, set with fine gemstones in styles not only appealing to the young achievers, but also in classic traditional designs.

Company Profile


Quality and craftsmanship

Behind every piece of Heinz Mayer jewellery is a dedicated team of in-house designers, creating a steady flow of exclusive designs, goldsmiths, working with the most modern and state-of-the-art equipment, side by side the gemmologists. They are selecting, cutting and polishing the finest colored stones in our factory, situated in the town of Idar-Oberstein, universally acclaimed as the center of the high-end gemstone world. Highly trained craftsmen are creating fine jewellery to a standard, satisfying even the most critical and demanding client, especially with one extremely innovative and unique idea in the world of fine jewels: The “Rolling Diamonds ®” bracelets.

International Ways

Looking at the quality and creativity, it is no wonder that the collections of Heinz Mayer can be found at almost all the jewellery shows in the world, from Munich to Basel, London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Bahrain, Las Vegas to Arizona. Or you can see them at fashion shows just like in Harrods/London, where the models are wearing Heinz Mayer jewellery when they are modelling the newest fashion collections.

The goldsmith forges gold


They always knew how to work with their material.
And they also knew how to recover the forged gold in tough times.
The very unique character of gold and platinum ist he missing connectivity with oxygen. To put it in simple words: They actually „do not get rusty…“

Once the gold is sourced, it therefore stays forever and still can be melted down and recovered eternally.

Sustainability at ist utmost best.

A wondrous coincidence resulted in the fact that the predecessors of fhe art of goldsmithing were located in the Idar-Oberstein area in the craftsmanship of the Celts in the early latène times.

The setter


The craft of setting has developed over time from the goldsmithing in a sense of labor division. The setter specializes in the setting of precious stones, meaning the insertion of polished gemstones and diamonds into the metall constructions oft he goldsmiths.

Since all precious stones differ in hardness, fissionability and brittleness, the setters need incredible skills to insert the stones in the prepared valuable metals without damage and in ordert o keep the stones in these metals eternally.

The polisher


Polishing precious metals means smoothing on an extremely high level. Rough parts on the surface of a jewel are being removed without loosing too much of the precious material and keeping its intended form. This results in viewing elements with high decorative and asthetic standards on smooth surfaces, as well as haptic requirements that have to be met.



A diamantaire cuts and polishes diamonds, or is a master gemmologist specialized on diamonds.

Thes are highly qualified craftsmen, which transfer rough diamonds into beautiful gemstones, which then are being forwarded tot he setter to eternally implant into the most beutiful pieces of jewellery.

Over the decades, dynasties of families dealing and ennobling diamonds have developed, which are called diamantaires as well.



A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Antonie de Saint-Exupery

Ein Designer weiß, wenn er Perfektion erreicht hat, nicht wenn Nichts mehr hinzufügen ist, sondern wenn Nichts mehr wegzunehmen ist.

Antonie de Saint-Exupery

Gutes Design ist innovativ.
Gutes Design macht ein Produkt brauchbar.
Gutes Design ist ästhetisch.
Gutes Design macht ein Produkt verständlich.
Gutes Design ist unaufdringlich.
Gutes Design ist ehrlich.
Gutes Design ist langlebig.
Gutes Design ist konsequent bis ins letzte Detail.
Gutes Design ist umweltfreundlich.
Gutes Design ist so wenig Design wie möglich.

Dieter Rams

When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn´t really do it, they just saw something.

Steve Jobs

Wenn man kreativen Menschen fragt, wie sie etwas tun, fühlen Sie sich meist etwas schuldig, weil sie nicht wirklich etwas tun, sie hatten nur etwas gesehen.

Steve Jobs
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